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Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Flip Offs

I love this one. It is usually around this time off the week when we just can't take it any more and either we say our Flip Offs or we really go off on some unsuspecting person who just happened to be the one who did or said something that pushed us to the limit. Lets face it, we have all gone there. So here's a great idea that GIGI FROM KLUDGY MOM had and I think it is well worth it. Go to her site and link up with her and check out some of the other FFOF'S (Friday Flip-Off friends), that are there.
Now lets get this party started.

1. To Mother Nature and my darn Aunt Flo=> your timing couldn't get any worse. Like I really want to start the weekend with cramps and feeling all bloated and emotional. Hell No. Aarrruuughhh!! It makes me want to scream every freaking 28 days, when she comes knocking on the door at all hours of the day or night!!! Times like these I so wish I was  guy.

2. To the Trademark Officials, whoever you are=> why the hell does it have to be so darn expensive to get a trademark on something that WE own??? It is like 250 to 300 bucks to get paperwork filed?? No wonder we are in such debt in this country.

3. To my sons dad for not letting ( or telling) my son to call me when I asked him to. Jared's been with his dad all this month and I freaking miss the little guy, so I called his dad to see how he was doing, He said he was having a blast, so I asked him to have him call me when he woke up, Do you think I have gotten that call?? Hell NO and its been 1 week!!! 

So to all these dumb things and people... Here's one GIANT FREAKING FRIDAY FLIP-OFF!!!!! 
(taking a relaxing sigh of relief!)
I feel so much better. So if you want to get something off your chest, go link up and tell everyone to FLIP_OFF!!!!
Love From A California Momma,


Maureen @ TatterScoops said...

Oh I feel you on the aunt flo thing. I'm sure she'll stop by my place soon enough.
Sorry to hear about your son's dad.
Hope you'll have a great weekend.

Tree said...

I totally relate to #1...that's why I'm having a hysterectomy next week! LOL Can't take it anymore! AAGGHH!

Gigi said...

Hi Angela! Thanks so much for joining in the fun this week! I used to be a divorce lawyer (like 13 years ago) and I can't tell you how many times I heard that same complaint about people not letting the kid call on extended visits.

I hope your weekend is looking UP!

Amy said...

I never knew Gigi was a divorce lawyer-she does know everything!
And wtf on the trademark paperwork? Really?

alicia said...

I'd like to flip aunt flo right along with ya as I sit with this blasted freaking headache and cramps and have to go sit through an obnoxious kid movie like this. Ugh. Great flips.

Lua said...

LOL omg I can so relate to #2!
seriously...I OWN this, why must I pay you SO much?! LOL and aunt flo is seriously my least favorite family member ;)