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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tea Party Time, I get to Doggy-Sit!

Well simply because it's the day I get to find new blogs and hopefully *crosses my fingers* I get new followers as well!!
WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT, YOU WONDER?? Glad you asked, It's Only the Best Party Around Town on Saturday's!!
The Lady Bloggers Society Tea Party!!!

WHOOT WHOOT!!!! I love a good Tea Party, and nobody throws them like The Lady Bloggers!!.

OK, so now to my Saturday ordeal...
So, you all remember Jon, my BF. He eagerly accepted the task of watching his best friends dog for "10" days. (yeah right)
Apparently the place that the dog was at, couldn't keep her there anymore because of some other dogs being there too. "BLAH BLAH BLAH" What ever, right? So, he so willingly accepted, not even a second thought.  WTF?? HELLO? Didn't you think of the MANY REASONS why we can't do this favor??
1. We have a dog, already! A small dog. Remember My Silly Girl?

How could you not remember that sweet face!!??! 
2. We live in an apartment, on the 2nd floor, with no balcony, yard or anyplace for this dog to do its business!!.
My dog is small and is very well potty-trained!
3. He is gone ALL DAY LONG, so it would not be him taking care of this other dog, it would be ME!!
4. We were barley, and I mean Barely, allowed to keep Silly here at the Apartments, because they have a strict No Animals Allowed Rule. The only reason we were able to is because she is legally a "Service Animal" for my son, Jared. Paper work and all, so they had no choice but to let us keep her. But this other dog is no where near trained for that.

Yes, I love dogs, but it might be just too much for me to handle. Why you ask?? oh yeah, let me show you what we I am taking care of.

Meet Lady, the 8 month old Pit Bull, that I'm Dog Sitting for!!
She is 2 times the size of Silly, she is big and clumsy and so dorky, and I'm already getting attached to the dumb animal!!!
She didn't even know how to climb stairs or jump on the bed! She was not potty trained and has very good bowels!! (YUCK)
but now she is very well trained actually. She climbs the stairs, she gets on the bed with no whines or whimpers or help from Jon! She also waits to use the potty!! YAY!! and she listens to us, me actually!
I don't know how, but I think I just stole Jon's best friend's dog!! He's not getting her back!!


Holly said...

Visiting from Lady Bloggers Tea Party! and all I can say is ..awwwwwwwwww look at that cute face! How could you not just fall in love and keep that dog?!

Lua said...

that is an adorable dog! both of them! :) we have an 8 week old pit bull...hard to think she'll be that big in a few months! :) new to ur blog..going to look around now!

Anonymous said...

Aw, looks like you make a good pack leader whether you were intending to be one or not. I've got a big soft spot for animals. I volunteer as a dog walker at a shelter, so I've gotten a much better understanding of the pit breed.
good luck for continued success with your four-legged guest. :-)

Zippy said...

I always "love" when someone else volunteers for a job knowing that they will be delegating the task. Visiting from the lady bloggers society, looking forward to exploring your blog!

Christine said...

Aww...She is precious - I used to own and English Bull Terriers. I am visiting from the Tea Party! I grabbed your badge and will be back again soon!