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Monday, April 12, 2010

Topics for Future Posts

Happy Monday!
So I've been organizing my thoughts and doing some research for my upcoming posts. I hope I get to connect with my readers like I want to, and hopefully expand my following! *crossing my fingers*

I have a some information on a lot of things, so I will have a broad range of topics to go over. Something for everyone!!

  1. Jon & ME, How I met my Prince Charming, And how I kept him!!
  2. June 21, 2003...The Sunday Night I witnessed a Murder
  3. Survivor..How I and any woman can survive a domestic abusive relationship
  4. Yes, I was addicted. My spiral out of reality and my journey home.
  5. Help!! I have a teenager!!
  6. My birthday is approaching and I'm not ready to be 33!
  7. Homework Help! Does anyone else feel completely stupid when your child asks  for help. Homework help websites!
  8. My motivation and ideas to start my own business, I found where to get the help with finances and start up fees. I'm here to share them!!
  9. Any suggestions??
Ok there's my list of topics... Hopefully I have you intrigued!!

Until then, Have a great week!!

 Love from  a California Momma,


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1 comment:

Future Mama said...

oooh, add a crafting post to the list!! :D I love seeing new things to try too! Or a cooking post! I need to learn that stuff too.

I can't wait to read the one about you witnessing a murder... Crazy!!