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Monday, April 12, 2010

My Paintings

Ok, I've read some comments, and I want to thank you for the kind words. I also wanted to upgrade and add some new pictures. Hopefully you will all like these ones too!! Enjoy, and Remember, I am always taking orders for custom paintings!! Thanks again
Love from a California Momma,

Every painter has a 
basket of fruit they have 

                  My 3 Flowers

 My 3 part cottage                                                             A cafe I painted 
                                                                                  for my mom in law.

 A painting I made for my
nieces graduation

                                                 An Angel I painted
                                                                                                           on my dresser

 Obama's Portrait That
was requested before he 
was Elected President.

                                                       Eyes of a Tiger

 Theses are my latest and best pieces. Enjoy!!

So I had mentioned that I paint, so I wanted to show off a few of my more recent paintings to my readers.
Please feel free to comment and critique any or all of them.
I also do custom paintings, so if any of my readers are looking for original art pieces, I'm your girl!! **HINT HINT!**
Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy my site.


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Louise | Italy said...

Hi there! I'm coming to you from Italy via SITS - I'd love to see more of your work, but these pictures are difficult to see - try to get them to fill the whole picture and flat on to the camera. That'll give us the best view! Looking forward to more, so I'm following. Good luck in the blogosphere, Louise.

Shayna said...

Hi! Now following you --- Please follow me at Can't wait to see/hear more from you :-)

Jen said...

Your painting are really nice. Thank you for sharing them. :)

WhisperingWriter said...

Wow, you do an amazing job!

Life with Kaishon said...

Wow. Your work is really nice. I especially love the street picture :) Very nice. I think creative people are so splendid!