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Sunday, June 20, 2010


New Moon Pictures


Ok, I' ve had just about as much waiting as I can take. I know I needed to work on my patience before these last few weeks, but this is just stupid, I meant insane., not that either, how about just FREAKING RIDICULOUS. 
So I almost positive that if there is any one else out there that recognizes my symptoms, and are probably experiencing the exact same feelings of ANTICIPATION, EXCITEMENT, NERVOUSNESS, IRRITATION, HOSTILITY, ANTSY, AND JUST PLAIN OBSESSED. Then watch out because they are suffering from an extreme case of TWILIGHT-OBSESSIVE-ITIS. 

     Please do not panic. I know it sounds a little freaky, scary,

But I have seen that if treated correctly, it goes away for about 2 hours. What's the treatment for 
TWILIGHT-OBSESSIVE-ITIS, you ask?? Well, quite simply put, if you or anyone you may know is infected, the only real cure  will not be available for another 9 more days!!  So what do we "TwiAddicts" do til then? Put your D VD's on repeat and throw in your copies of the first and second movies. If hat doesn't help. get out your copy of "Eclipse" the novel and read it again, for the 5 time. (SHHH, I won't tell if you won't tell on me)
The only other advice I can give is just take 10 slow, deep breaths and remind yourself it is only 9 days away.

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Barbie said...

I have not seen any of these movies. My daughter though is a huge fan. I think she has tickets to see all 3 movies back to back! Whew!

JessRaquel said...

Stopping by from the Lady Bloggers Tea Party... I can't wait either! Totally excited and buying my ticket for the midnight opening tomorrow!

Brandy said...

haha. I really like the books, but was thoroughly unimpressed with the movies. I think because I just can't get into the people who play the characters??! It's weird. =)

Stopping by from SITS!

Adrienne said...

I put off reading the 3rd book, so I wouldn't be going through what you are. I'm almost finished with it though, so I'm sure I suffer for at least a week. LOL :)