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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


SO TODAY IS THE DAY I REALIZED I GOTTA MAKE A CHOICE....I was scrambling and rumaging through my notes and journals, looking fos something good I could put out. Not just any post. Today was only week 2 of M.M.L.M.M and I couldn't get it out in time. I have literally been so freaking busy and bogged down with EVERYTHING else that I'm doing, I simpply have no time for anything extra. 
I'm so sad and disappointed in myself for not even trying to give it a chance to take off, but I really rushed into I think. With The store opening up, and my other things I'm committed to, It was just too much for me to do. At least for now, its on the back burner, and on hold. So I am officially pulling the plug on M.M.L.M.M Mondays. For now there will be no more mexican cooking like momma, for a little while. I will reevaluate the situation in a few months and decide after that.
Thank you For all of your support and hopefully I'll be back with some recipes sooner then expected. In the mean time, please don't forget the grand opening of California Mommma's Creative Designs is this weekend!!!
Love From A California Momma,
Angela H.


Cindy said...

Hang in there've got a LOT going on! (((hug)))

Crazy Brunette said...

Don't worry hoe! You aren't the only one that keep up with life!!!